Make America Great Again.

No this is not a photoshopped picture. This is an ACTUAL   picture of the 45th President (and that is said veryyyy loosely) of these here United States of America. Yet even with a country by such a name as this, we sure as hell aren’t living up to it.

Within these last 9 months, under the so called “leadership” (again, another loose term) of 45, we’ve seen multiple natural disasters, riots, hate crimes, and of the largest shooting in U.S. history happening just this week. We’ve seen hardworking men within society being called “sons of bitches”, we’ve seen sympathy for white supremacists,  we’ve seen invites to the White House revoked. We’ve even seen more tweets being sent out, than bills passed.

With the recent devastation in OUR great country of Puerto Rico (Just incase some forgot, PR is part of the U.S.)  we’ve thus seen the lack of respect and incohesiveness from 45 when it came to proper communication with the Mayor, Carmen Cruz and a lack of respect for its people. After taking a week to show face, 45 arrives, tells the people of Puerto Rico they have “kinda thrown our budget off” compared the amount of casualties with hurricane Katrina, and threw paper towels into the crowd like they were T-Shirts at a basketball game. The people of Puerto Rico have been with electricity, clean water and proper supplies for days and the way that 45 showed up with little respect for the situation at hand and the people affected is disturbing.


45’s whole slogan for being in office is to “Make America Great Again””  In order to make America great again, you have to understand all the multitudes of the people who make it up. America has always been referred to as “The Melting Pot”, meaning more than one race makes it up. People from all different works and background working together, coming together for the greater good. America IS ALREADY great due to the magnitude of people who build it up, not tear it apart. The reason why this country is “becoming great again”, is due to the fact that those with an open heart are banding together more than ever to fight off the evils within 45’s presidency. We’re coming together as communities, we’re having conversations that we never would have had.

The recent attack in Vegas just solidifies why the conversation of gun control needs to be had. Proper gun training courses and mental evaluations need to be had before any permits be issued. That should go for civilians and those within law enforcement.
Our people are dying and the uncomforting conversation for the lack of control on guns and results of it need not be pushed to the back burner. Our people need to stop becoming casualties, due to senseless shootings.


Get off of Twitter 45 and DO YOUR JOB that was appointed to you. If you want to live by your slogan, then maybe you should resign and regroup because right now you ain’t doing it. Be better 45, because unfortunate there are many depending on your foolish behavior to lead the way but just know “What the enemy intended for evil, God uses for good.”
















HOVIE’S HOME : 4:44.






After almost a 4 year album hiatus, the Brooklyn Boy is BACK! On June 30, the world had some gems dropped on us by no other than the GOAT himself Mr. S. Carter, Jayz. This concise 10 song album ‘4:44’ might leave some of you wanting to contemplate your top 5 Hov albums.  Produced by no other than the legendary No I.D., Hov opens up and delivers a deeper depth of himself that I don’t think any of us truly knew. From dropping knowledge to apologies, it just seems as if No I.D. has the pure talent as a producer to bring the raw emotions out of an artist. The real feel emotions displayed on the title track ‘4:44′ reminds many of how No I.D. brought out the same in Nas, during his “Life Is Good’ project. Either way, this album might just snag a well deserved Grammy for its classic depth. Proving to many why Jayz deserved to be inducted into “The Songwriters Hall of Fame”. 

The samples strategically used, helped make this soundtrack to Hov’s words, sound like a complete sonic masterpiece. After the release of the epic album ‘Lemonade’ last year by his wife Beyonce, it left us listeners with a few questions, for one of our favorite “relationship goal” couples. We all wanted answers, to see exactly what Jayz had to say for himself, and there were talks that his response to ‘Lemonade’ would be an ether type of record. But what Hov delivered sonically overall was a deeper way of thinking. How checking your ego, finding financial freedom, taking care of your family, and sometimes humbling yourself will make all the difference in the world.




This album wasn’t just about addressing the rumors of infidelities, it was an album of self perception. As a culture, as business owners, as a race. Making smart investments, keeping your circle authentic, even understanding the importance of credit. On this album, Jay z teaches some on the importance of fatherhood and how he would never want to put his family in a position where someone else is taking care of them. Things that a lot of us don’t always hear in hip hop. Hov opened the door to being vulnerable, even admitting the struggles of his mother’s sexuality, having beef with your best friend and crying over your woman. Real life shxt. 

While some may argue that Jayz isn’t the GOAT of our time, one can counter with who can deliver such a concise message in 10 songs other than him? Who can own a streaming platform and then link it a cell phone carrier exclusively for his album release? This album is worth the four year wait. But then again, does he ever really disappoint? If you haven’t gotten a chance already to subscribe to Tidal, or if you’re not a Sprint customer, Hov stillllll looked out for you guys. Make sure you do your ears a favor and check out 4:44 .



Favorite One Liners !!!!!

Kill Jay z – Never Go Eric Benet

The Story Of OJ – Financial Freedom My Only Hope

Smile – Welcome Back Carter, Smile.

Caught Their Eye – I Can See A Side Eye In My Sleep

4:44 – I Stew Over, What If, You Over My Shxt?

Family Feud – Nobody Wins When The Family Feuds.

Bam – Sometimes You Need Your Ego.

Moonlight – Even When We Win We Gon Lose.

Marcy Me – Back From Bedford Stuyvesant, The Livest One.

Legacy –Black Excellence Baby, You Gon Let Em See…



UPDATE: After only 6 days (7/5) of being released, ‘4:44’ has become PLATINUM!! Based solely off of Tidal streams and Sprint customers. WELCOME BACK CARTER ☺️










Have you ever wondered what it’d be like if you were the characters in a video game? Well Big Sean learns firsthand. Racing after a villain through a virtual reality, after stealing his princess from her castle, The Don shows that he will do whatever it takes to get her back.

Seems like Sean still wants to keep chivalry alive nowadays, as he even wins some extra bonus points towards the end with his latest visual off “I Decided. Living up to the single’s title, Big Sean will even ‘Jump Out The Window’ to show he’s down. Are you?












There’s no denying that DJ Khaled has been on a winning streak these past couple of years. Starting the year off strong by dropping ‘Shining’ featuring Hov and B, it’s just seems about time that the rest of the vocals got in! Giving us a sample of what’s in store for his new album “Grateful”, Khaled teams up with some heavy hitters for his next single ‘I’m The One’. Enlisting in the help Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper, and Lil Wayne.

Talk about another one. Celebrating life and all their blessings, the fellas party it up with some pretty ladies at DJ Khaled’s beautiful palace. While no other than executive producer Asahd Khaled looks on and gives dad the green light. Looks like we found our first summer anthem of 2017. MAJOR KEY.














Having these three fellas in a group wouldn’t be such a bad idea after watching this video. Jeremih teams up with Chris Brown and Big Sean for his single ” I Think Of You” giving us some old school R&B vibes. Chasing the pretty girl around the block, all three try and shoot the breeze. Jeremih delivers a modern day “Do The Right Thing” visual, even with a cameo from Dan The Man stealing as usual. While Breezy and Big Sean keep it real when it comes going after what they want.

With each delivering a taste of their own thoughts, it’s kinda hard for us not to get lost in the thoughts with them. Plus how can you deny them, when all try and compare you to the sunset?  Just seems as if these three together kinda go hard, like they’re playing the playoffs.  They even have a tip for the ladies, panties by the nightstand is a way to keep em feening.



Wale finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to his recent lady of interest. Looking for a little guidance from his homeboy, Wale calls on PNB Rock for help with his latest single “Dilemma”. But it seems like birds of a feather flock together in this situation, because Rock looks like he needs some help of his own when it comes to seeing his lady.


But Wale and PNB shoot their shot, tell their women to stop playing and let the fellas skip over the Netflix and get straight to the chilling. Now ladies, what are you to do when they come for you? Can’t wait to see what else Wale has more in store? Well you won’t have to wait long, his new album “Shine” is slated to drop May 5th.













Mila J is at her wits end in her new visual “New Crib” that she actually pulls her hair out. Needing to find a place of her own, she also decides to do a little spring cleaning of ol boy’s ish. But it’s hard to put memories in a box, and not reminisce a little on what once was.


Despite the memories Mila J packs it up over an old school R. Kelly vibe, and  decides maybe it’s just better to get a whole new place. Can she stay with you?