It just seems as if Kendrick Lamar can reallyyy do no wrong when it comes to his delivery. Three days after dropping what many are already calling  album of the year, Kung Fu Kenny delivers his second single “DNA”, with a visual that you can’t help but say ‘Damn.’ to. When I tell you that Kendrick can do NO WRONG,  he can do no wrong.

Giving us some day in the life of vibes, Lamar faces off with Ocean 11’s Don Cheadle over a polygraph, and ends the night shooting the breeze with Schoolboy Q. Calling out the real from the fake within ourselves, the multifaceted Kendrick, always leaves us wanting more. Whether it be an audio or visual stimulation, you always get your fix when it comes to Kendrick. If you don’t think so, Schoolboy Q will knock a little sense in you.
















Just making over a year since we’ve had an album, King Kunta aka Kendrick Lamar, has emerged from the abyss and finally debuted the artwork  for his 5th studio album ‘Damn.’. A tracklist consisting of only 14 songs with 3 features, and 2 of those features being, U2 and Rihanna!  Yup you read that right, let it just sink in, U2..andddd..Rihanna. With features like them, one can only imagine how those records sound, let alone the rest of the album. If it were to sound anywhere close to the first single “Humble.”, then we’re in for a treat.

Since being released “Humble.”, has already skyrocketed to number 1 on the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop charts, but also landed number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100s. Making it Kendrick’s fourth Top 10 but FIRST  top 10 single debut as lead artist (simply meaning, he wasn’t a featured artist, it’s his actual ish!). But as if that wasn’t good enough, “Humble.” is the highest Hip Hop song debut on the Hot 100s  since Eminem and Rihanna’s “Love The Way You Lie” nearly seven years ago which also slide into the number 2 spot. Even with all the accolades, K.Dot still practices what he preaches and remains humble, while the rest of us are screaming that this album is already Grammy worthy! ‘Damn.’ is slated to drop on Good Friday, 4/14. Coincidence, I think not. Check out K. Dot’s mini interruption of The Last Supper in his visual for “Humble.”.





It seems as if DJ Khaled could be having one of the best years of his career. From becoming the most inspirational spokesman for success on snapchat, to getting the call to go on tour with Beyonce, to today, possibly dropping one of the best albums of his career.  Khaled has really given us MAJOR KEYS this year.  Reminding us every morning to be ourselves, be grateful for those people and things around us, that keep us grounded through love. And on top of all that, walk boldly past “THEY” who don’t want you to win.



Keys Open Doors



CAN’T CALL IT. I’m not even gonna lie, I had to take a mental vacation within the first half of the album. After hearing Jayz, Drake, Nas,Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, AND J.Cole within the first 4 songs of the album, I was on some Jesus take the wheel. The production alone had me ready to throw my hands up. Then add in the lyrical word play, I knew that the second half of the album was the rest of a masterpiece. Delivering us with slow jams, and some twerking beats, yet all the while still dropping gems of knowledge, DJ Khaled gives us a very well put together classic. Do yourself a favor, spread the fan love,  and listen to our neighborhood locksmith, DJ Khaled on yet another one Major Key.













We might have to start calling DJ Khaled the locksmith. Back with another one, DJ Khaled  teams up for a heavenly melody with Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar and the powerful Betty Wright for the second single off his highly anticipated album Major Key. If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further. Ushering us into the pearly gates with positive energy and highlighting police brutality, you can’t help take concede to this PSA. Major Key is slated to drop July 29.