There’s no denying that DJ Khaled has been on a winning streak these past couple of years. Starting the year off strong by dropping ‘Shining’ featuring Hov and B, it’s just seems about time that the rest of the vocals got in! Giving us a sample of what’s in store for his new album “Grateful”, Khaled teams up with some heavy hitters for his next single ‘I’m The One’. Enlisting in the help Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper, and Lil Wayne.

Talk about another one. Celebrating life and all their blessings, the fellas party it up with some pretty ladies at DJ Khaled’s beautiful palace. While no other than executive producer Asahd Khaled looks on and gives dad the green light. Looks like we found our first summer anthem of 2017. MAJOR KEY.















It seems as if DJ Khaled could be having one of the best years of his career. From becoming the most inspirational spokesman for success on snapchat, to getting the call to go on tour with Beyonce, to today, possibly dropping one of the best albums of his career.  Khaled has really given us MAJOR KEYS this year.  Reminding us every morning to be ourselves, be grateful for those people and things around us, that keep us grounded through love. And on top of all that, walk boldly past “THEY” who don’t want you to win.



Keys Open Doors



CAN’T CALL IT. I’m not even gonna lie, I had to take a mental vacation within the first half of the album. After hearing Jayz, Drake, Nas,Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, AND J.Cole within the first 4 songs of the album, I was on some Jesus take the wheel. The production alone had me ready to throw my hands up. Then add in the lyrical word play, I knew that the second half of the album was the rest of a masterpiece. Delivering us with slow jams, and some twerking beats, yet all the while still dropping gems of knowledge, DJ Khaled gives us a very well put together classic. Do yourself a favor, spread the fan love,  and listen to our neighborhood locksmith, DJ Khaled on yet another one Major Key.