Wale finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to his recent lady of interest. Looking for a little guidance from his homeboy, Wale calls on PNB Rock for help with his latest single “Dilemma”. But it seems like birds of a feather flock together in this situation, because Rock looks like he needs some help of his own when it comes to seeing his lady.


But Wale and PNB shoot their shot, tell their women to stop playing and let the fellas skip over the Netflix and get straight to the chilling. Now ladies, what are you to do when they come for you? Can’t wait to see what else Wale has more in store? Well you won’t have to wait long, his new album “Shine” is slated to drop May 5th.














Mila J is at her wits end in her new visual “New Crib” that she actually pulls her hair out. Needing to find a place of her own, she also decides to do a little spring cleaning of ol boy’s ish. But it’s hard to put memories in a box, and not reminisce a little on what once was.


Despite the memories Mila J packs it up over an old school R. Kelly vibe, and  decides maybe it’s just better to get a whole new place. Can she stay with you?




Nothing Real Can Be Threatened


A picture is worth a thousand words and what’s understood never needs to be explained.


Now many of us look at Jay z and Beyoncé as the epitome of relationship goals. From their unwavering love to even the hidden mysteries within their marriage, you can’t help but hold them at a high regard. Now when “Lemonade” was released, many of us were ready to jump ship. Catching wind of the hypothetical scenario of Mr. Carter fighting with those infidelity urges. But what “Lemonade” did for a lot of us, was open our eyes to our own personal battles within our relationships. Tuning out the naysayers and trusting in your heart. The uphill journey of starting over again that Beyoncé took us on, shed light that love is only built for realest soldiers. Allowing us to see that tough love can implicate forgiveness and how a little bit of hot sauce can boost up our swag.

But in all seriousness, if what you have established is deep rooted and seeded in love, then nothing real can be threatened and nothing unreal exists. It might not make sense to everyone looking on the outside in, but if the love is truly genuine, then there’s no way that you can’t win.